Sani-Temp™ Dispenser

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Our newest product, Sani-Temp™ Dispenser uses a high-precision infrared temperature sensor to detect the body temperature by measuring the temperature of the palm while dispensing any gel-based sanitizer. All in one motion, temperatures are taken and sanitizer dispensed in less than a second without touching the equipment.
  • Automatically sense and display temperature
  • Dispense Gel Sanitizer while sensing temperature
  • Large digital, high-definition display
  • High-precision sensor accurate to ±0.2°F
  • Intelligent sleep and wake function
  • Holds 1qt of Gel Sanitizer and easy refill 
  • Powered by batteries, 5v USB, 12v or 110-240v
  • Wall, window, desk, vehicle or tripod mount
  • Supplied with 95% alcohol and aloe sanitizer
  • A portion of the proceeds goes to support the homeless in Metro Atlanta.

Contact us if you need more than 2 or if you have any questions.