JTM Food Safety

Sani-Temp™ AI – Desktop

Introducing Sani-Temp™ AI, our automatic AI Facial Recognition Temperature Screening Unit. 

This desktop-sized model is perfect for your check-in area, host stand, building entrance, and anywhere else where floor space is scarce. Our Sani-Temp™ AI screens human temperatures in less than 3 seconds and exceeds accuracy requirements at ±0.3°F. The FDA requires any human screening device to be accurate to less than ±0.5°F.

Built-in computer storage allows for reporting and recording of photos, temperatures, and more. Our advanced software allows for use as a traffic counter, attendance log, security device, and more.

  • Auto scans for human temperatures-no contact ±0.3°F accuracy, Audible alarm for temperatures out of range
  • Facial recognition library-saves frequent users and visitors separately. 8" Display, 200w Wide Motion Cameras
  • Safe and secure record storage. Robust reporting features. Bulk upload of employee data.
  • Plug and play technology- easy to set up and customize for your location. WIFI or Ethernet capability
  • Perfect for use in commercial buildings, offices, schools, daycare facilities, churches, and more.
  • Durable Metal Frame
  • 200w Wide Motion Cameras
  • 8” Display
  • Voice Temperature Management
  • Audible Alarm for Out-of-Range Temperatures
  • Customizable Screen Message Area
  • WIFI or ethernet capability
  • 20” H x 12” W x 11” D

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